pluriBead® Technology & Principle

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pluriBead® Technology:

pluriBead® uses non-magnetic monodispersed microparticles (beads) for the sorting of cell mixtures. The beads are larger than the cells and thus cannot be phagocytized by them. Their surface is modified with monoclonal antibodies that recognize specific structures on the target cell surface. During incubation, the target cells in suspension will bind to the pluriBeads® and can be separated afterwards by a pluriStrainer® (size exclusion) from the suspension. Pretreatment of the blood, such as the production of a mononuclear cell fraction (PBMC) or others (e.g. erythrolysis or target concentration), is not required. 


pluriBead® Principle:


pluriBead® Specifications and advantages:

Unique world patents: WO/2011/018067A1EP20100754252US20120164634

No centrifugation: less mechanical stress, high cell viability

No magnets: combine antigen-antibody interaction with filtration techniques

No sample preparation: blood, tissue (bone marrow, liver, spleen, etc) and cell culture are used directly without any preparation

Fast isolation: fast and easy to isolate cells within 10-30 minutes

Ready-to-use: kits contain all materials needed for cell separation

High performance: high cell purity (>98%) and high cell viability (>98%)

Multi function: simultaneously isolate two cell populations

High range of species: isolate from humanmouse, ratrabbit, primateporcinehorsecaninebovinesheep and more